Can I get planning advice for frameless shower screen and steam enclosures?

Yes, SSI are an experienced provider for specialist glass installations and offer comprehensive planning advice for all solutions.

Can my workmen survey and install SSI enclosures?

No, we use in-house trained employees to survey and install. All SSI enclosures are bespoke and therefore do not come with fitting instructions so it is important that we complete this service as it takes the confusion out of the equation. Our office will liaise with the project manager to ensure a smooth completion.

Are SSI shower enclosures and screens completely frameless?

Yes. All SSI shower enclosures and screens are completely frameless to the floor and walls unless otherwise requested.

I am having a Linear Wet Deck. Is there a benefit in having a frameless shower enclosure?

Yes. The benefit is to gain a seamless finish to the floor without chrome parts. To explain further, surface mounted floor channels or, ‘semi-frameless’ enclosures give a ‘non-bespoke’ appearance to a wet room tiled floor as they have a step over frame. Further more it is not idea to use Recessed floor channels (which give the effect of a seamless finish) with Linear Wet Decks as the screws to fix the channels would penetrate the waterproof tanking, (recess floor channels are  for a tiled ‘step over’ threshold or ‘curb’ only). Frameless, shaped glass and surface mounted is the only option for a bespoke finish with a Linear Wet Deck in our opinion.

Why are there wall brackets and not simply wall channels?

Wall channels are not supportive therefore wall brackets are required unless the glass goes up to the ceiling for support.

When is a using wall channels within a shower enclosure design a good idea?

Recess wall channels are a good idea when using slab marble as they are the same depth or narrower than the marble thickness. Surface wall channels are a good idea when acting as an end stop for tiling with full height glass or in an apex niche area.

Is it possible to have frameless steam shower enclosures?

Yes, if built properly they are the best option as they allow just enough steam to escape for ventilation purposes. SSI has built countless frameless steam enclosures for over a decade without a single complaint over performance.

Is there an anti-lime scale treatment available for the glass?

Yes, ‘Glass Protection’ is a surface applied treatment that acts as a water repellant. It can be supplied on request at additional charge.

How should I care for the metal parts on the shower screens?

The metal parts should be cleaned regularly and only with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.